Strategic Lean Trading Partner

iLeanTrade is here for establishing Lean Supply Chains by getting involved in sourcing, distributing and manufacturing goods and services, from finding right partners to distributing your products and services. Therefore you can tell us about your products and we will find the Lean Supply Chain for you.

At iLeanTrade, we are helping companies to sell their products and services into new and existing markets and buy their products and services from trustworthy lean suppliers. We do this by creating or finding a distributor and supplier, selling and buying direct on their behalf, selling and buying through different channels. If you think your product or service has not reached its potential please tell us your targets and we can help you to get there.

We only work with companies that have good quality products and have lean implementations within the organisation to create Lean Supply Chains.

Some of our involvements with other companies are as below. If you want to join our supply chain please do let us know.

Vatan Cable One of the largest cable manufacturing companies in Turkey. Established in 1975 they manufacture Low, Medium and High voltage cables. They also manufacture copper rods for cable industry.

We are helping Vatan Cable to reach to the UK market.

Duyar Valves is the largest valve manufacturing company in Turkey. Established in 1965 they manufacture fire sprinklers, gate valves, steam valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and many other products.

We are helping Duyar Valves to reach to the UK market.

VSight is an online meeting and collaboration platform where you can have a meeting, you can discuss and make annotations on a real time video. VSight allows professionals to collaborate without the need for a site visit.

We agreed with VSight as their distributor for the UK.

Chiminox is a registered brand of us for flues and chimneys and other HVAC products for the world. Chiminox is going to bring best products from best suppliers to the heating and ventilation market.

We established a division as Chiminox for distributing flues and chimneys.

Ozone Generators are widely used by industry for disinfecting and deodorising. We are helping the manufacturer to establish new markets,  create new sales channels and new suppliers for their products.

We established a division as iLeanOzone for Ozone Generators.

VentBOM is a software for heating, flues, chimneys and ventilation project quotations. It can help you to draw a project on a pdf and create sizing, bill of materials, BIM and everything you need to finish a project and a sale.

We created a Joint Venture with VentBOM for selling into Europe.

Meet iLeanTrade

If you need expert support for your company’s ambitions and sales support to get there, we invite you to contact us. We can explain to you about the services offered by iLeanTrade or we can develop lean trading solutions tailored for you by listening to you, your ambitions and your potential needs. You can give us a nudge online by using our contact form.

Our Mission

We are devoted to delivering customer satisfaction through establishing Lean Supply Chains by getting involved in sourcing, distributing and manufacturing goods and services and by offering training and consultancy for our customers, their suppliers and their customers.

Our Vision

In Satisfaction We Trust.

To become a global Strategic Lean Solutions Partner to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction for all industry sectors through consulting on businesses, sourcing, distributing, manufacturing goods and services.